Excavator modification excavator grab unloading arm

CCMIE mainly produces and refits: railway pillow changer, excavator lifting cab, unloading train heightening chassis, three-section demolition arm, extension arm, unloading arm, rock hook arm, piling arm, tunnel arm, excavator bucket, shell Buckets, hydraulic clamps, loader anti-skid protection tracks, dump truck anti-skid tracks and other front-end attachments.  

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Production Introduction

The unloading arm is mainly used for loading/handling operations of coal/sandstone/sand-like ore/silt in railway/sea terminal 1 coal field/mine field, etc., with high construction efficiency. Therefore, it can also be called the shell-shaped bucket of the coal unloading excavator, and the shell-shaped bucket of the dredging excavator: Excavator clamshell buckets (clamshell grabs) are tailor-made according to customer needs, with hydraulic rotary and without hydraulic rotary; The clamshell grab without hydraulic rotation adopts the oil circuit of the bucket cylinder of the excavator, without additional hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines; The clamshell grab with hydraulic rotation needs to be controlled by adding a set of hydraulic valve block and pipeline, and the oil cylinder is equipped with a piston protection device.

Technical Parameters:

The grab technical parameters
Model Unit TN120 TN200 TN300 TN400
Weight kg 900 1500 2200 2700
Maximum open mm 1000 1850 2050 2200
Bucket voiume 0.8 1.5 2.5 4
Height mm 1600 2050 2250 2350
Excavator tonnage T 12-16 20-27 30-38 40-49
  *Specific parameters can be changed according to customized requirements.

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Excavator modification excavator unloading arm Excavator modification excavator unloading arm Excavator modification excavator unloading arm Our company can make various modifications and customize corresponding auxiliary equipment for excavators. Those who are interested can contact our company directly.

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