Side Lifter Container Trailer

Specification: Tractor: 6X4 Trailer: 3 axles Engine Power: 371hp Euro II The total mass: 25000kg Dead weight: 9200kg Trailer total mass: 70000kg Max. speed: 90km Side lift:MQH37A Max. lifting capacity:37000kg Max. working range:4000mm Max. stabilizer outreach 32000m

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Side Lifter Container Trailer is a container-specific loading and unloading vehicle, which is used in container terminals and transfer yards. The role of side loader container trailer is to realize container handling, such as loading and unloading of container. Self Loading and Unloading Side loader are widely used in ports, stations, and yards for handling and transit of containers. CCMIE Self Loading and Unloading Side loader is applicable for handling, stacking, and transporting containers of 20', 40', or other sizes. With this equipment, containers can be handled and stacked up to 2 layers for one line, improving working efficiency and equipment utilization. Side Lifter Container Trailer has achieved several technologies such as container sideload technology, dual pump and dual loop technology "Integrity, innovation, rigor and efficiency" is our company's long-term philosophy, and we create mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers, and win-win is our cooperation goal. The factory supplies Side Lifter Container Trailer. All employees of our company welcome consumers to visit our company. Let us work together to create outstanding long-term development. A visit to the factory can not only provide you with the most realistic display effect, but also let you feel our control over the weight of the product, and dispel your worries about purchasing Side Lifter Container Trailer and the after-sales service of Side Lifter Container Trailer. The factory supplies China's Side Lifter Container Trailer, and the products have been exported to the Asian, Middle East, European and German markets. The company constantly updates product performance and safety to adapt to the market, and strives to be first-class with stable quality and sincere service. If you are lucky enough to do business with our company. We will do our best to support your business in China.

Product advantages:

Side Lifter Container Trailer has a long average trouble-free working time, stable and reliable performance, compact and reasonable layout, beautiful and stylish, easy to use and easy to maintain. 1. Sliding container side self-loading and unloading transport vehicle through the sliding movement of the front and rear cranes, the loading and unloading of 20ft or 40ft containers or similar containers can be realized. The application range is wide and the versatility is good, which greatly expands the use of the equipment. 2. Double pump and double branch circuit technology The whole vehicle is powered by an independent engine with adjustable speed. The hydraulic oil output by the double pump is after the confluence valve group, it is transported to the multi-way valve group of the front and rear side cranes connected in series to drive the respective actuators, which has a wider range of linkage adaptability, which greatly guarantees the stability and reliability of the hoisting process.

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