Excavator modification three-section extended arm demolition arm

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Production Introduction

For excavators that only occasionally do large-scale work, the extended arm is a good choice. It can be installed on the standard arm of the original excavator to increase the working range. If it is not needed, it is also very convenient to disassemble. The three-section demolition arm is mainly suitable for the demolition of high-rise buildings. The three-section arm of the excavator is equipped with hydraulic shears, breaking hammers and other efficient operations. The demolition arm excavator modification is divided into three parts: 1. Demolition arm modification 2. Hydraulic oil circuit modification + valve group 3. Attachment modification * Can be designed and customized according to customer models and needs. .

Technical Parameters:

Three-section extended arm technical parameters
Excavator tonnage Unit 30-36T 40-47T
Total length mm 21000 22000 24000 26000
Max reach height mm 22050 23100 25100 27200
Max work radius mm 20000 21000 23000 25000
Folding length mm 15330 16400 17900 19600
Transport height mm 3320 3460 3570 3630
Tail rotate radius mm 3320 3670 3670 3670
Rotate Radius at Max reach height mm 3100 3100 3100 3100
Stick length mm 7200 7500 8000 8500
Middle boom length mm 2300 2300 2300 2300
Boom length mm 11500 12200 13700 15200
Extra Counter weight T 5 5 5.5 6
Max weight of attachments T 2 1.5 1.8 1.6
  *Specific parameters can be changed according to customized requirements.

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Excavator modification three-section extended arm demolition arm   微信图片_20230419160722_副本 Excavator modification three-section extended arm demolition arm Our company can make various modifications and customize corresponding auxiliary equipment for excavators. Those who are interested can contact our company directly.

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