Excavator modification excavator rock arm

CCMIE mainly produces and refits: railway pillow changer, excavator lifting cab, unloading train heightening chassis, three-section demolition arm, extension arm, unloading arm, rock hook arm, piling arm, tunnel arm, excavator bucket, shell Buckets, hydraulic clamps, loader anti-skid protection tracks, dump truck anti-skid tracks and other front-end attachments.  

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Production Introduction

The rock arm of the excavator is also called the eagle mouth arm, and the super hook is a sharp tool for excavating and crushing weathered fossils, shale rocks, red sandstone, etc. Compared with the traditional hammer operation, it has the advantages of high efficiency and low loss. Compared with the traditional blasting operation In other words, the operation efficiency is higher, the crushing cost is lower, and the maintenance cost is also very low. Because the overall arm is shortened and the internal filling is heavier, the large and small arms of the 45-ton model can reach 16-17 tons, which can greatly increase the digging force of the excavator and overcome the harsher working environment.

Technical Parameters:

The rock arm technical parameters
Excavator tonnage Unit 40-45T 60-65T 80-100T
Max rip height mm 6300 7400 7600
Max work radius mm 7100 7900 8100
Transport height mm 3870 4320 4730
Cylinder bore diameter mm 200 220 3670
Piston diameter mm 140 170 3100
Boom length mm 5100 6020 7100
Stick length mm 1400 1600 1700
Ripper tooth type - D11 D12 D12
Self- weight T 16 25 32
  *Specific parameters can be changed according to customized requirements.

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Excavator modification excavator rock arm Excavator modification excavator rock arm 微信图片_20230419165420_副本Excavator modification excavator rock arm Our company can make various modifications and customize corresponding auxiliary equipment for excavators. Those who are interested can contact our company directly.

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