China Manufacturer of Reach Pallet Stacker | Quality Supply and Wholesale Available

China Construction Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of reliable China reach pallet stackers. Our reach pallet stackers come in a variety of sizes, load capacities, and lift heights to meet your material handling needs.

Our China reach pallet stackers are well-known for their durability, safety, and efficiency. They feature a compact design, making them perfect for narrow spaces, such as warehouses or storage facilities. In addition, they are easy to operate and require low maintenance, reducing downtime, and boosting productivity.

Our China reach pallet stackers are equipped with advanced safety features, such as an automatic braking system and emergency stop function, ensuring that the operator always remains safe. The stackers also have excellent load capacities, allowing you to move heavy goods with ease.

Choose China Construction Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd. for reliable and high-quality China reach pallet stackers that will meet your material handling needs.
  • China Reach Pallet Stacker, also known as reach truck, is a powerful and versatile material handling machine widely used in manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics industries. Designed and manufactured in China, this pallet stacker is engineered to deliver excellent performance, efficiency, and safety. Featuring a sturdy and compact design, China Reach Pallet Stacker is ideal for narrow aisle operations where space is limited. It comes with excellent maneuverability and control, allowing operators to load and unload pallets with ease and precision. The reach function enables the truck to reach high shelves and stack pallets up to 8 meters high. This feature enhances storage capacity and increases efficiency, reducing the need for additional warehouse space. China Reach Pallet Stacker is equipped with advanced safety features that ensure the well-being of the operator and the materials being handled. The machine is designed with an automatic speed reduction system that activates when the truck approaches a corner or an obstacle. Additionally, the operator cabin is ergonomically designed with adjustable seats, controls, and pedals to ensure a comfortable and safe working environment for the operator. In summary, China Reach Pallet Stacker is an excellent material handling solution for warehouses and logistics operations. It is reliable, efficient, and safe, making it a must-have for any business looking to optimize their operations.
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